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Mouthguards & Nightguards

Mouthguards and Nightguards

Mouthguards are devices that help to protect your teeth when you play sports or do activities like riding a bike, etc. It is designed to protect your teeth, tongue, gums, and teeth from trauma caused by sports injuries.

Nightguards are quite similar to mouthguards. They are specifically designed to protect you from bruxism or teeth grinding. Stress and anxiety are the main causes of bruxism, and it occurs primarily when you are asleep, so you will not have control over the issue. It can lead to TMD, which is very painful and can interfere with your daily oral activities. Nightguards provide that much-needed cushion when you unconsciously clench your teeth, so you do not feel the effects. Both mouthguards and nightguards can be custom-made by your dentist in Miami, FL. Getting customized mouthguards and nightguards has several benefits- they will fit you properly and comfortably and give you maximum protection at an affordable price.

What are the benefits?

Mouthguards should be worn when you go out to play any sports or do activities like biking, skiing, etc.
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You should wear nightguards to sleep because:

Getting Mouthguards and Nightguards in Miami, FL

If you or your children are into contact sports like boxing, soccer, etc., or non-contact sports like gymnastics, bike racing, etc., consider getting a custom-made mouthguard to protect your teeth and mouth. They would fit you comfortably and give all-around protection to your oral components from sudden impacts.
Our experienced dentist in Miami, FL, Dr. Bravo, suggests custom nightguards for people who wake up with muscle pain around their neck, head, and jaw. These are all symptoms of bruxism or TMJ. Many people do not link this pain with TMD; thus, it is suggested that if you have any such issue, you should immediately contact our dental office in Miami, FL. You can save yourself from the pain and loss of money in the long run with proper protection.